21 Dec, 2015

A novel application of Phoslock in Holland

A novel way of applying Phoslock is currently being used on a Dutch lake. Over the past few weeks, Grote Melanen, a shallow lake on the outskirts of the city of Bergen Op Zoom in southern Holland, has been treated with a mixture of Phoslock and sand. The sediments of Grote Melanen are unconsolidated and the addition of the sand is an attempt to create a consolidated sediment layer that is less prone to resuspension from wind and wave action. Phoslock is being added to prevent the release of phosphate into the water column. Prior to the application of the two products, the lake was dredged in an effort to increase the average depth.

Grote Melanen is the second Dutch lake to be treated using these methods. A smaller lake with similar properties to Grote Melanen was treated several years ago following the removal of sediments. Both projects are an initiative of the regional Dutch Water Board who have commissioned the company, Kurstjens, to undertake the work. Kurstjens is a Dutch company specialising in dredging and sediment removal.