Aim: Application of Phoslock to improve the water quality and the ecological status of the lake. Description: Natural Lake Length: 3.7 km Size (ha): 130 Max. Depth (m): 12


Lake Goldap is a 130 ha lake located in north eastern Poland . The lake covers two countries Poland and the Russian Federation, with the international border transecting the northern part of the lake.

Approximately three quarters of the lake is in Poland and one quarter is in Russia. The lake is located in one of the most remote corners of Poland and attracts thousands of tourists each year due to its natural beauty. It is also only a short distance from the Rominska Primeval Forest, known throughout Europe as one of the last homes for European bison.

The Treatment

Two applications of Phoslock (winter 2017 and spring 2018) totaling 300 tonnes of Phoslock were applied to Lake Goldap. The first application was undertaken in early December 2017.

The project was funded by the European Union and the local municipality and is the largest application of Phoslock in Europe to date.