29 May 2023

Phoslock significantly reduces available phosphorus concentrations, improving water quality.

Damian Whelan and Kate Waters-Hart (PET Europe) were recently interviewed by Smart Water Magazine and shared benefits of using Phoslock to improve water quality. Read more below to discover why Phoslock significantly reduces available… Read more
18 May 2023

[Webinar] Phosphorus pollution control: insights into Phoslock applications

Phosphorus Pollution Control: insights into Phoslock applications. Nutrient pollution is a complex, global problem that can cause undesirable changes to aquatic systems. Even following successful catchment management, phosphorus can be retained within waterbodies and… Read more
22 Nov 2022

Heat-related water quality impacts amplified during extreme weather

With scientists warning that heatwaves could become more frequent and intense because of climate change there is greater risk to the health of our waterways. We have just come out of record-breaking summer conditions… Read more
phosphate issues 31 May 2022

Deal with phosphate issues sustainably, properly

The challenge of phosphate issues and overloaded nutrient levels in fresh waterways is a complex one, but it can be rectified with an innovative Australian invention. Phoslock® is a proprietary technology originally developed by… Read more