10 Aug, 2016

China to Spend US$64.5Billion to Fight Water Pollution – Environment Ministry

“Beijing will allocate 430 billion Yuan (US$64.5 billion) for the projects to combat water pollution, the Chinese Environmental Protection Ministry said in a statement Tuesday” according to sputniknews.com.

The ministry has stated that this money will cover the cost of 4,800 projects across China, including “the Liujiaxia Reservoir in Gansu Province and Sanxian Lake in Hunan Province”.

The statement from the Ministry said:

The funds will go on protecting the environment of rivers and lakes with good water quality; protection of drinking water sources; pollution prevention and control in major basins; and groundwater protection”.

“The Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan issued in April 2015 stipulates banning polluting paper mills, oil refineries, pesticide producers and a range of other industrial facilities by the end of 2016”.

The article can be found at the following link: http://sputniknews.com/asia/20160809/1044076368/china-fight-water-pollution.html