30 Mrz, 2016

Phoslock’s second application in Brazil completed

The second application of Phoslock to a drinking water reservoir has been completed in Brazil by PET’s Brazilian representatives, Hidroscience. The application of 45 tonnes took place earlier this month on a reservoir near the city of Salvador. Salvador is the largest city in the northern part of Brazil and has a population of almost 3 million.

The dose of Phoslock to the reservoir was the first of three applications planned over the next 12 months. Phoslock is being used in an effort to reduce levels of phosphorus and blue green algae in the reservoir. Post-treatment monitoring has already shown that the application resulted in a significant reduction in both total phosphorus and cyanobacteria. As a result, the further planned doses of Phoslock will go ahead and are estimated to commence in the next month or so. This product is currently en-route to Brazil.

The treatment of the Salvador reservoir is the second use of Phoslock on potable water supply sources in Brazil. The first was the treatment of a comparable reservoir in the southern State of Rio Grande do Sul earlier this year.

The total value of the three applications to PET, spread over 12 months, is approx. A$450,000.

With the commencement of the Pampulha application in April and the completion of the two drinking water projects, Brazil is expected to be PET’s largest market for the financial year 2015-16.