05 Aug, 2016

Rescuing a Eutrophic Brazilian Gem- Lake Restoration

A blog written by a senior technical consultant from a UK consulting company outlined the success of the recent application of Phoslock to Lake Pampulha, Brazil. Lake Pampulha is a eutrophied lake that has been affected by sediment deposition and pollution from urban and industrial sources. The UK consultant wrote:

“I was there to work and learn from two very knowledgeable professionals in their own fields, Dr Tiago Finkler Ferrerira of Hydroscience/Phoslock Water Solutions (Brazil) and Nigel Traill of Phoslock Environmental Technologies.  They are working in partnership restoring an aquatic equilibrium to Lake Pampulha, which is a gem in the city of Belo Horizonte.  It is a man-made lake built in the early 1940’s, (Pampulha is also the name of the residential neighbourhood and administrative region).”

Application of Phoslock to Lake Pampulha.

The recovery project of Lake Pampulha, has a budgeted of R$ 30 million and will run over the next two years (approximately US$9 million). In June 2016, UNESCO decided that the entire complex of Pampulha was eligible for Cultural Heritage Status. The Municipality of Belo Horizonte (PBH) has set the goal to have clean water in the lake by the end of 2016 and to achieve Class 3 water quality, which allows water sports to be undertaken, as classified by National Environmental Council (CONAMA).