24 Jan, 2021

Water Quality Improvement Trials in Dianchi Lake, China

Dianchi Lake is located near Kunming City, Yunnan Province with an area of 330 km2 and average depth of 5 m. It is the largest freshwater Lake in Yunnan Province and one of the three most eutrophic lakes in China (Taihu Lake, Chaohu Lake and Dianchi Lake).

In cooperation with Kunming Dianchi Lake Administration Bureau and Plateau Lake Research Institute, Phoslock China is conducting the project in Caohai area, Dianchi Lake. The project is divided into two stages: the dry season Phoslock application period which lasts from December 2020 to February 2021, is aimed to prove the control effect of Phoslock on Phosphorus in stable water body; and the wet season application period which lasts from June 2021 to September 2021, is aimed to demonstrate its ability to resist the impact of external pollution loads in rainy season.

Phoslock China have completed the preliminary preparation work within the 40,000m2 demonstration area. At present, Phoslock China is carrying out water quality and sediment background sampling, and has started the Phoslock dosing.

The main purpose of the project is to further strengthen the applicability of Phoslock for lake and reservoir restoration projects in the Dianchi Lake Basin on the basis of the successful implementation of Phoslock in Xingyun Lake during 2019. It will build a solid technical foundation for the follow-up market development.

The demonstration project is of great significance to the control of phosphorus pollution in Dianchi Lake Basin. Once the demonstration project is successful, it can provide technical reserves for Dianchi lake protection and water quality improvement, and also provide practical basis for ecological restoration of Dianchi Lake.

In view of the importance of Dianchi Lake, the success of the program will also have an important impact in the field of lake and reservoir management in China, which can effectively promote the follow-up market development and bring more opportunities for sales and application.