14 Mar, 2018

New Drone Video of Phoslock Application to Lake Goldap, Europe

A new video has been added to the front page of the PET website (see “PET Clips”). The video was filmed by a drone during the application of Phoslock to Lake Goldap.

The City of Goldap (Poland) used Phoslock to bind phosphate entering the lake from agricultural and recreational inputs. Over time, the build up of the phosphate in the lake had resulted in poor water quality and harmful algal blooms. 150 tonnes of Phoslock was sprayed on to Lake Goldap from a specially designed barge in December 2017. A second application of a further 150 tonnes will be undertaken in April 2018.

Lake Goldap is 204.4 ha (149 ha in Poland and 55.4 ha in Russia). To date, this is the largest application of Phoslock in Europe.