Environmentally safe solution for flowing water remediation

Phosflow™, developed with the U.S. EPA under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), adsorbs phosphorus from water upon contact. Phosflow pellets are made from naturally occurring and sustainable mineral materials. It is non-hazardous, insoluble in water and non-toxic to aquatic plants and wildlife.

Affordable and easy to implement

Phosflow is an easy to implement solution that is designed to simplify nutrient remediation for settings that do not have the resources to build new facilities, or have unique application needs.

The product can be packaged into a variety of vessels and chambers, as well as water permeable containers such as boom netting, gabions and filter baskets, depending on application.

  • Phosflow can be implemented as a filter media to remove phosphorus from a variety of environmental matrices such as lakes, streams, drains and channels.
  • It can also be used in wastewater effluents including municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewaters.
  • Phosflow has high phosphate adsorption capacity (~ 81 mg/g), long service life, and once saturated, it can potentially be recycled as a soil amendment.


Phosflow is versatile and has been used in a variety of applications to capture excess phosphorus from water. Collecting information on a few parameters such as flowrate, volume of water and phosphorus concentration our team can recommended a strategy to meet your water quality goals.

Municipal and Industrial Wastewater

Consistently meet phosphorus discharge limits in continuous flow or batch wastewater treatment processes.

Waterways Restoration

Designed to capture phosphorus before it reaches our waterways and negatively impacts the water quality.

Stormwater Management

It can be customized for almost any stormwater containment system. Our dual application methods solve small to extremely large needs for phosphorus removal.


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