05 Nov, 2020

Tingpang River: A Recent Success in China

Over the course of the last week of October, Phoslock Environmental Technologies facilitated a 24-tonne application on Tingpang River. The town of Tingpang, in Sanmen County, is nestled between the undulating Gualian mountainside and the banks of Tingpang River. The rising sun eclipsed this site as the project was undertaken, creating a scenic backdrop for another successful application in China.

Tingpang river originates from the Gualian mountain, winding its way through Taizhou city in Zhejiang province. It flows through Tingpian town and Haiyou street, entering Zhuyou River in the east of Sanmen county, and finally meeting the east sea at Haiyou port. The length of the river extends through the Chinese province for a total of 27.6 kilometres, spanning between 40 to 120 metres across. The actual project took place in the region further downstream of Tingpang river. The total length of the area of application was approximately 1000 metres from the south to the north. The water surface of this section is about 100 metres wide and the average water depth is approximately 4 metres.

The annual average total phosphorus assessment index of Tingpang river is 0.1mg/L. The water quality continues to exceed the standard from July to September. Subsequently, in order for the annual assessment index goal to be met, total phosphorus must be kept below 0.059mg/L for the remaining two months of 2020. To ensure this outcome, certain emergency measures must be undertaken to improve overall water quality. Other products were considered in order to lower the total phosphorus, but the efficiency and safety of Phoslock® prevailed in the end. Phoslock has continually proven to be a reliable means of mitigating water pollution, with PET striving to provide a world-class water treatment service.

Extensive lab testing prior to project start was undertaken and showed great promise. Shortly after finalising the lab results, the project then proceeded. In light of the first application, the second phase of treatment – consisting of a further 24 tonnes – is scheduled for the end of November 2020. Given the nature of the river with slow-flowing water and tidal influences, Phoslock Environmental Technologies are excited to see the positive results in the wake of both applications.

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