07 Sep, 2020

Yutan Reservoir

In late 2019, Phoslock China met with local officials after Phoslock was highly recommended as a suitable control measure for Yutan Reservoir. Shortly after this, due to COVID-19, progress with this project was temporarily put on hold. It was not until March 2020 that a detailed site study and lab jar testing was undertaken, conducted in cooperation with the local water engineering company contracting for project delivery. The Phoslock Europe team assisted with a review of the site information and data, offering advice on a preferred Phoslock treatment strategy.

The initial application of Phoslock, as a large scale trial has proven successful. The second round of the Phoslock application (which will be up to approximately 300 tonnes) will be applied before December 2020.

Background of Yutan Reservoir:

Yutan Reservoir is located in Dazu District, Chongqing City. It is one of the largest reservoirs in western Chongqing with a catchment area of 865km2, a surface water area of 14,415 mu (1 Chinese Mu = 666 sq meter) and a total storage capacity of 149.6 million cubic meters. After the initial Phoslock treatment, the water quality stabilized and qualified Class III status.

Further Phoslock treatments in the coming months with extend beyond the initial trial zone with the goal of maintaining Class III water quality status within the greater trial application zone.

Phoslock China