30 Nov, 2015

Chinese Authorities Using Proven Technologies To Improve Water Quality Of Green Lakes

China is struggling with many of its lakes turning green from thick algal blooms. The degradation of water quality is due to the historical use of large amounts of phosphorus (P) in chemical fertilizers from rice paddies and agriculture, feed supplements from fish farms, sewerage inputs and dissolved P contained in urban runoff. Not only do large amounts of nutrients in water bodies cause algal blooms; but flow-on effects such as the algae consuming large amounts of dissolved oxygen in the water, leads to the death of fish and other organisms that live naturally in the water bodies.

The Chinese government authorities are being proactive and are working on finding measures to improve the water quality in their lakes. This provides a great opportunity for companies with proven technologies to assist in reducing water pollution.

More information on work already carried out by Phoslock Environmental Technologies in China can be found at: https://www.petwatersolutions.com/irm/content/lakes-reservoirs-rivers-canals.aspx?RID=250