21 Jun, 2017

New PET factory enables the manufacture of a number of water remediation products.

On Tuesday 11th April, 2017 PWS (ASX Code: PET) released an ASX announcement that the new multi-purpose manufacturing facility is in the final stages of development.

A rapidly growing interest in Phoslock and other remediation products offered by PWS has prompted the construction of a purpose-built, fully owned manufacturing factory in the Chinese economic zone of Changxing (150km from Shanghai) (see picture of facility below).

Prior to this facility, Phoslock has been produced in a factory owned by an outside provider, however with an increasing interest in the water remediation products that PWS now offers; production will now meet the growing international demand.

Phoslock production will start at 5,000t per year however there is the ability for this to move to 45,000t per year. Operating costs of the new factory are expected to be lower than the current system and in the long term, costs will be determined by the volume of product produced.

The factory also has the benefit of producing other water remediation products such as zeolite (for the reduction of nitrogen in eutrophied water bodies) and several forms of bacteria (to improve water quality and amount of available dissolved oxygen).

The new facility will reinforce PET’s multi-functional water remediation status. PET will be able to offer a number of treatments and management options to water body managers and in doing so, gain a larger portion of the global market.