06 Dec 2018

A world first: North American research has reportedly determined the “tipping point” for the safe concentration of phosphorus in a water shed.

Scientists at the Université de Montréal have found for the first time that they can calculate a maximum amount of phosphorus that can be added to a watershed before it becomes an environmental problem…. Read more
26 Nov 2018

Clean water: economic and social cost of providing safe, clean water in Australia

The supply of clean water is a hot topic around the world. Australia has gone through one of its worst droughts and according to NSW farmers “it’s the worst drought they’ve experienced in their… Read more
22 Oct 2018

Long hot summers in 2018 have increased occurrence of cyanobacteria blooms in lakes around the world

A number of articles have been posted on the internet about the environmental effects of a long hot summer in 2018. This article is a summary of some of those. A link between sustained… Read more
15 Oct 2018

PET Managing Director will be presenting at the Australian Microcap Investment Conference

PET Managing Director will be presenting at the Australian Microcap Investment Conference on Wednesday 17th October, 2018. The presentation will be lodged with the ASX prior to the presentation. Read more
10 Oct 2018

Article published on Phoslock Environmental Technologies move to commercialise Chinese wetland project

An article published at https://smallcaps.com.au/phoslock-environmental-technologies-commercialise-chinese-wetland-project/ summarises the successful application of Phoslock and other nutrient control measures to a Chinese canal. “Given the substantial need for water remediation in China, Phoslock launched its Beijing operations… Read more
13 Aug 2018

Phoslock is being used in test systems removing phosphorous from agricultural runoff in Ontario, Canada

A group of proactive Canadian farmers have teamed up with several government organisations to further investigate agricultural phosphorous runoff. An article published in a community publication Chatham Voice (an independent, locally owned community newspaper… Read more