03 Dec 2020

Small Waters Have a Big Impact

A letter signed by 20 scientists in the UK has been sent to the Government highlighting the importance of not ignoring the significance that even some of the smallest water courses and bodies have… Read more
17 Nov 2020

Phoslock China attends the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Sediment Environment Professional Committee

Phoslock China recently debuted at the 8th National Sediment Environment and Pollution Control Seminar. Key company technical sales representatives attended the conference and presented on water and sediment remediation topics. Following the event, the… Read more
05 Nov 2020

Tingpang River: A Recent Success in China

Over the course of the last week of October, Phoslock Environmental Technologies facilitated a 24-tonne application on Tingpang River. The town of Tingpang, in Sanmen County, is nestled between the undulating Gualian mountainside and… Read more
20 Oct 2020

Promising Water Quality Improvements after Four Years of Regular Phoslock Applications at Lake Pampulha, Brazil

After four years of regular Phoslock applications, Lake Pampulha is showing promising water quality improvements. Lake Pampulha is a tourist hotspot which lies in southeastern Brazil within the urban area of one of Brazil’s… Read more
15 Oct 2020

A Site for Sore Eyes: Phoslock’s Application in the Dolomites Region, Northern Italy

Phoslock applications have taken place in numerous locations around the world – some big, some small. Whilst the same focus and commitment is applied to all jobs, occasionally one cannot help but stand back… Read more
12 Oct 2020

From 2007 to 2020: Another successful Phoslock Application at West Lake, Perth

Over the course of the week starting October 5th, Phoslock completed a 20-tonne application in West Lake, Perth, WA. This marked Phoslock’s 15th application in the Narrows since 2007. West Lake is a 2.5… Read more