14 Jan, 2019

Phoslock application to Gold Coast Lake attracting media coverage

Lake Hugh Muntz is an eutrophied lake situated on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The lake has been closed on a number of occasions due to the growth of harmful algal blooms. These have been caused by poor water quality and high nutrient loads entering the pond.

A study on the lake was carried out by Griffith University in the earlier part of 2018. The study concluded that the nutrient rich water and underlying sediment needed to be treated with an application of Phoslock in order to bind phosphate and inhibit the formation of harmful algal blooms.

Thirty six tonnes of Phoslock was applied to Lake Hugh Muntz between the 10 th -13 th December 2018. A number of media agencies were present during the application of Phoslock to Lake Hugh Muntz. Channel 7 Gold Coast and ABC Gold Coast were amongst the media outlets. An article by the ABC stated:

“The Gold Coast City Council is hoping it has found an answer to algae bloom issues in the city’s waterways. A clay-based product is being introduced at Mermaid Waters over the next week. Acting Mayor Donna Gates says if the CSIRO product is effective, the council will use the product in other waterways on the Gold Coast. She notes it was done with consultation with Griffith [University].” Water and sediment samples are being periodically taken to monitor the affects of the Phoslock application.