17 Nov, 2020

Phoslock China attends the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Sediment Environment Professional Committee

Phoslock China recently debuted at the 8th National Sediment Environment and Pollution Control Seminar. Key company technical sales representatives attended the conference and presented on water and sediment remediation topics.

Following the event, the Phoslock group met with various academics to provide further in-depth insights into the science of Phoslock and the Company’s water-treatment and engineering solutions. Phoslock China was able to expand on the Company’s influence in the field of nutrient pollution mitigation and established a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding for Phoslock’s ongoing relations with China within water pollution control.

The 8th National Conference on Sediment, Environment and Pollution Control and the 2020 Academic Conference of the Professional Committee on Sediment Environment, co-sponsored by the Chinese Society of Environmental Science and Hohai University, was held in Nanjing, China from November 6th to the 8th. The event celebrated the ever-expanding scientific realm and research into theoretical and practical water pollution solutions in China. The intention of the conference was to promote the development of sediment pollution control and respective technologies. Over 350 key people from more than 90 various scientific research organisations attended the conference with Phoslock China attending as a representative organisation for phosphorus control technology.

The conference prompted a multitude of discussions concerning environmental sediment research, government focus areas for technological research and development, and broached topics related to major environmental issues in water systems such as lakes and other waterbodies.

Nutrient pollution has always been the focus of all kinds of water body management, but with a unanimous understanding of the difficulty of effective treatment. As a recognised phosphorous-control technology, Phoslock has many advantages including high efficiency, safety, and stability. It is also unique in that there is no other available technology like it in its technological design.

In the “Sediment pollution control and ecological restoration technology” session, Phoslock Sediment and Water Co-treatment Technology Research and Global Application reports were discussed. The session, which was well-received by audience members, revealed the great advantages of Phoslock in nutrient control and water remediation.


Phoslock China also participated in the separate ‘Lake, Reservoir, River Sediment Environment and Pollution Control’ session and ‘Sediment Restoration Technical Problems and Prospects’ youth academic session. All participants were able to speak freely, expressing their views and concerns on the subject of nutrient pollution and control.

Topics included research, engineering applications, existing issues and future direction, amounting to what was regarded as the point of ‘academic information sharing and technical integration.’ Over the course of these sessions, the experts and scholars showed great interest in Phoslock technology, and discussed in-depth effects of technology application, technology combination and secondary development.

The conference brought together most of the experts and scholars in the field of water pollution, particularly, sediment pollution and remediation. Phoslock’s appearance at such a well-respected event proved to many the safety and reliability in our technology and Phoslock’s ability to ensure nutrient control. Phoslock China was able to prove the Company’s inherent value in continued environmental water management, and enthusiasm to strive towards a cleaner ecosystem and waterbodies.