31 Aug 2023

The benefits of using Phoslock (lanthanum-modified bentonite) for reducing phosphorus pollution in water bodies

Different management approaches can be adopted to tackle phosphorus pollution. Some measures are aimed at directly controlling the symptoms of nutrient pollution rather than the underlying problem. Other measures, such as chemical phosphorus inactivation,… Read more
20 Jul 2023

Climate Change: Impacts in Freshwater How to Mitigate Them

Climate change is no longer a distant threat; with impacts being witnessed and felt across the globe. One area significantly impacted by climate change is the availability and quality of freshwater. Rising temperatures, altered… Read more
14 Jul 2023

‘Plan A’, why Autumn is the best time to remediate waterways suffering from phosphorus pollution with Phoslock.

Phosphorus is essential to life, but too much phosphorus can lead to nutrient pollution and can have a negative impact on water quality. In excess, it can also affect aquatic ecosystems negatively. Nutrient pollution… Read more
07 Jul 2023

Eutrophication in freshwaters: A Global Environmental Concern

Eutrophication in freshwaters is an alarming environmental phenomenon that poses significant risks to the world’s freshwater ecosystems. It occurs when excess nutrients, primarily phosphorus and nitrogen, accumulate in water bodies, triggering a series of… Read more
methane bubble in freshwater 19 Jun 2023

Phoslock can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freshwaters

Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas (GHG) contributor to climate change, and waterbodies suffering from nutrient pollution are significant emission source. Methane gas occurs naturally in the environment and is also the… Read more
29 May 2023

Phoslock significantly reduces available phosphorus concentrations, improving water quality.

Damian Whelan and Kate Waters-Hart (PET Europe) were recently interviewed by Smart Water Magazine and shared benefits of using Phoslock to improve water quality. Read more below to discover why Phoslock significantly reduces available… Read more