methane bubble in freshwater 19 Jun 2023

Phoslock can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freshwaters

Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas (GHG) contributor to climate change, and waterbodies suffering from nutrient pollution are significant emission source. Methane gas occurs naturally in the environment and is also the… Read more
22 Nov 2022

Heat-related water quality impacts amplified during extreme weather

With scientists warning that heatwaves could become more frequent and intense because of climate change there is greater risk to the health of our waterways. We have just come out of record-breaking summer conditions… Read more
27 May 2022

PET 2022 Annual General Meeting Presentation

PET 2022 AGM was held on Friday 27th May at 10:30 am in Melbourne.   For more information, download PDF’s below:   PET AGM 2022 Presentation   PET AGM 2022 Chairman Address   AGM… Read more
13 Apr 2022

ASX Relisting Update

Phoslock Environmental Technologies (ASX:PET) today provided an update on progress relating to the relisting of the Company’s shares on the ASX. As disclosed at the 2021 financial year business review and strategic outlook presentation… Read more
28 Feb 2022

Preliminary 2021 FY Results

PET reports unaudited full-year results to December 2021 • Fully audited 12-month results expected to be released on March 11 2022 • Separately audited FY21 second-half results also to be released on March 11… Read more
31 Jan 2022

Quarterly Update

Phoslock Environmental Technologies (ASX:PET) today provided a trading update for the quarter ending 31 December 2021. A more detailed business update will be provided when PET releases full-year 2021 results towards the end of… Read more